Revitalizing in Christ - Raising the Roof!

Saint John Fisher Parish —

A Merger of People, Resources and Mission

 We have come together in a merged parish with our ministries, friendships, and good works.  The opportunity to remodel St. John Fisher Church with the proceeds from the sale of the Holy Saviour property and using some of the salvaged and restored Catholic liturgical pieces is a unique opportunity.  A remodeled church would combine features of  Immaculate Conception, St. John Fisher, and Holy Saviour churches as our parish merger has brought together parishioners.   Improvements to the church will increase the beauty, devotional atmosphere, and  function of the space for sacraments, while improving handicap accessibility.

We are excited to announce the Saint John Fisher Parish Capital Campaign, REVITALIZE IN CHRIST - RAISING THE ROOF, with the goal of raising $450,000.  Combined with other funds already on hand, our goal will enable us to create an inviting, beautiful space for worship and hospitality.  Many preparations have been made for this undertaking.  Sacristy remodeling was done by parishioners, the Religious Education Office was unified and moved to the Rectory, stained glass windows and marble were removed from Holy Saviour and sent off for reconditioning, and Architectural design work was begun.  The launch of the Capital Campaign begins the next step of planning for construction.  We will be seeking Archdiocesan approvals, hiring a general contractor, and planning for Masses to be said in the Parish Center from May through September while the construction is underway.  

How much will remodeling cost, and how will we pay for it?

By the Numbers  - Cost of Project                                      

  •   Construction                            $         890,000
  •   Pews                                                     78,000
  •   Architect                                              74,000
  •   Marble Work                                       40,000
  •   Stained Glass Windows                      50,000
  •   Carillon Bells                                      15,000
  •   Campaign                                           20,000
  •   Landscaping                                       11,000
  •  Church Hall/Entrance                        87,000
  •  Plaques Recognition                           12,000
  •  Sound System                                     50,000

Total Cost                                              $ 1,327,000

Sources of Funding

  •  Renovation Fund                                                                 $        88,000
  •  Net Sale of Holy Saviour                                                            670,000
  •  Heritage of Faith Funds                                                             119,000
  • Revitalize in Christ - Raising the Roof Campaign      $    450,000

Total Funding                                                                                 $ 1,327,000