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Demolition of the Church Interior

The construction team has been on campus for two weeks now, and have started the interior demolition of the church.  The pews have been removed, the walls between the church and the Living Room/Music Office have come down (that includes the confessionals), and the bathrooms and kitchen in the church hall have been gutted and the walls are coming down today!  It's been busy, and next week it will be loud!  The concrete that made up the old sanctuary must be removed, so the jackhammers will be going all day.  We'll be posting photos on the website and facebook periodically, if you are curious about that the inside of the church looks like!  We're so looking forward to seeing the end result!  

Sunday Masses Move to the Parish Center on May 12

It's been busy at St. John Fisher!  In addition to our Easter celebrations, a lot of activity has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for the construction/renovations to begin on the church building.  Sunday, May 5, will be the last day that weekend Masses to be held in the church.  On Mother's Day weekend, May 11/12, Masses will be held in the Parish Center Hall, with overflow seating in the Chapel. 

Please be patient as we make this transition.  A lot of thought has gone into planning for this brief period of holding Mass in the Parish Center.  There will be an elevated platform at the rear of the Hall for the altar. Seating will be arranged with a center aisle.  Please moved toward the middle of a row when you take a seat, so we can maximize seating space.  You will sit during the Consecration; to receive the Eucharist, use the center aisle and return to your seat by the side aisles.  

About 68 people can sit in the Chapel, if the Hall is crowded.  There will be two large televisions on which to view and listen to the Mass...please follow along and sit, stand and kneel when appropriate.  A Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to the Chapel, so you do not need to leave the area during Mass. 

The lobby area will be kept clear of chairs due to fire safety concerns.  The Missals will be on library carts in the lobby.  Please return them to the cart after Mass.  You will also find the Holy Water fonts and the Poor Box in the Lobby, as well as containers for donations of food for our support of local pantries. You will still be able to purchase grocery gift cards after Mass at a small table in the Lobby.  

The Saturday Vigil Masses have become heavily attended since we changed the time last year, and we expect the Parish Center Hall to be crowded on Saturdays.  It would be wise to plan to arrive early, and move to the middle of a row, to accommodate more people.  Also, you may want to consider attending Mass on Sundays during the summer months occasionally.  

Please be patient as these changes are put into use...there may be minor adjustments made if necessary.  The end result will be worth it!

PREP Classes on Wed. Feb. 20

Well, the weather forecast for tomorrow, Wed., Feb. 20, looks bad.  To insure the safety of our families, the Director of Religious Education has cancelled both sessions of PREP classes for Wed., Feb. 20.  Classes on Tues., Feb. 19, are being held as scheduled.  Please take care when driving in poor road conditions!  

1st Eucharist Parents' Meeting Postponed

The meeting for the parents of First Eucharist candidates scheduled for Monday evening, February 11, has been postponed due to inclement weather.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 13, beginning at 6:30 p.m.  During this mandatory meeting, information will be provided about the upcoming retreat and details about the reception of the Sacrament.  Please call the Religious Education Office, 610-485-0441, ext. 5, with any questions.  

Following Christ meeting on Mon. Feb. 11 cancelled.

Due to the inclement weather, the first meeting of the Following Christ program, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 11 at 6:15 p.m., has been cancelled. Please plan to join us next week, Monday, February 18, to kick-off the 8-week program.  We gather at 6:15 in the Parish Center Hall for dinner, followed by a video presentation and small group discussion.  Open the door following Christ in a more meaningful way!  For more info, contact the Parish Office. 

Happy New Year!

"When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone, when the kings and princes are home, when the shepherds are back with the flocks, the work of Christmas begins:  to find the lost, to heal the broken, to feed the hungry, to release the prisoner, to rebuild the nations, to bring peace among people, to make music in the heart."  These words of philosopher, theologian and author Howard Thurman speak to the mission of Christians everywhere - to love one another.  We hope you have a blessed, productive New Year!    

Christmas Mass Schedule

Merry Christmas!  The community of St. John Fisher has been busy this month preparing for the upcoming celebration of the Lord's birth! The church and the grounds have been decorated, the choirs have been practicing, we collected and distributed hundreds of gifts through the Giving Tree, and enjoyed a live Nativity plan during Advent Family Night.  We're ready!  Are you?  Please join us in celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord!  Masses on Christmas Eve will be at 4:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.mA concert of carols will begin 30 minutes before each Vigil Mass -- the Children's Choir will begin at 3:30, the Adult Choir will sing at 6:00 and the Knights of Columbus will begin at 8:00.  These Masses are generally crowded, so you may want to arrive early to ensure seating for your entire family.  Masses on Christmas morning are at 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  

Let's not forget that January 1 is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, a Holy Day of Obligation.  A Vigil Mass will he held on Monday, December 31, at 4:00 p.m..  Mass on New Year's Day will begin at 10:00 a.m., to give you a few hours to sleep in! 

Father McDermott, Father Devlin, Deacon Daniel Bingnear and the entire staff of St. John Fisher wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

You are Invited...

Are you looking for a deeper spiritual understanding and awareness of the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ?  Are you seeking more meaning in your life?  You are invited to join the family of St. John Fisher for Christlife, a program that provides an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, learn to reflect that depth of love each day, and grow in a greater appreciation and understanding of the Church as a community.  We will meet for seven weeks on Monday evenings, beginning September 24 and ending on November 19.  Dinner will be served at 6:15 p.m., followed by a video presentation and small group discussion.  There is no cost to attend, and childcare will be available.  Please call the Parish Business Office at 610-485-0441, ext. 2, to let us know if you are coming.  If you have been looking for a way to renew your connection with your faith, we hope you will join us!  

Holy Saviour Property is Sold

Father McDermott made the announcement during Mass on the weekend of Aug. 18/19 that the Holy Saviour property has been sold.  The Church was relegated in 2015, and the property went up for sale in July 2015.  The purchaser is DGC Development Group, a local developer with other property in Lower Chichester.  After real estate fees, retiring the Holy Saviour parish debt, and paying extraordinary maintenance costs, the net proceeds are $654,000.  The Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Committee have identified remodeling the St. John Fisher church building, incorporating stained glass and marble from Holy Saviour Church, as an appropriate use for the funds. It is hoped that just as we have come together as a parish community, a remodeled church will glorify God, further unite our community and provide a welcoming place for future generations.     

August 15 - Holy Day of Obligation

Don't forget that Wednesday, August 15 is a holy day of Obligation.  The feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated with the Holy Mass, offered at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 14, and at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday in the Church.  The Parish Business Office will be open on Wednesday during regular business hours (8:30 - 4:30 p.m.).