Sunday Masses Move to the Parish Center on May 12

It's been busy at St. John Fisher!  In addition to our Easter celebrations, a lot of activity has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for the construction/renovations to begin on the church building.  Sunday, May 5, will be the last day that weekend Masses to be held in the church.  On Mother's Day weekend, May 11/12, Masses will be held in the Parish Center Hall, with overflow seating in the Chapel. 

Please be patient as we make this transition.  A lot of thought has gone into planning for this brief period of holding Mass in the Parish Center.  There will be an elevated platform at the rear of the Hall for the altar. Seating will be arranged with a center aisle.  Please moved toward the middle of a row when you take a seat, so we can maximize seating space.  You will sit during the Consecration; to receive the Eucharist, use the center aisle and return to your seat by the side aisles.  

About 68 people can sit in the Chapel, if the Hall is crowded.  There will be two large televisions on which to view and listen to the Mass...please follow along and sit, stand and kneel when appropriate.  A Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to the Chapel, so you do not need to leave the area during Mass. 

The lobby area will be kept clear of chairs due to fire safety concerns.  The Missals will be on library carts in the lobby.  Please return them to the cart after Mass.  You will also find the Holy Water fonts and the Poor Box in the Lobby, as well as containers for donations of food for our support of local pantries. You will still be able to purchase grocery gift cards after Mass at a small table in the Lobby.  

The Saturday Vigil Masses have become heavily attended since we changed the time last year, and we expect the Parish Center Hall to be crowded on Saturdays.  It would be wise to plan to arrive early, and move to the middle of a row, to accommodate more people.  Also, you may want to consider attending Mass on Sundays during the summer months occasionally.  

Please be patient as these changes are put into use...there may be minor adjustments made if necessary.  The end result will be worth it!