Stewardship of Treasure

Just as a homeowner budgets and plans for improvements and repairs, so too must a parish plan for the future.  What will our parish life be like in five years?  Ten years?  Even longer?  We want Saint John Fisher to be a welcoming place where people can worship and build community.  And we depend on the consistent financial support of our parishioners to meet those goals. 

The Sunday Offertory is the single most important source of funding for our parish operating budget.  A strong level of support affects the daily life of our parish and the programs we offer.  When you register for the parish, you will receive Sunday Offertory envelopes.  We encourage you to use them faithfully each week, or sign up for electronic giving with WeShare (the link can be found on the home page).  Please don't forget us when you are away on a holiday or go elsewhere for Mass occasionally -- parish expenses don't take a vacation! 

Another way you can assure the long-term stability of the church is to consider making a bequest to Saint John Fisher as part of your estate planning.  Even a modest gift can have a big impact, like a pebble in a pond.  It's advisable to consult with a professional, but here is a link to a guide to estate planning that may answer some of your questions: Catholic Foundation of Philadelphia Estate Planning Guide

What we do with the gifts we have been given by God is a return on the investment He has made in us.  Whether great or small, your financial support of the parish is "paying it forward."  We appreciate your support!